about me


I have always had a deep fascination with cameras. Something about how powerful of a storytelling tool they are has always amazed me. Movies have and always will be my favorite story vessel.

As a child, I surrounded myself with creative hobbies like photography and musical theatre. I then moved behind the camera in high school directing and editing student work I made with my peers.

I decided to pursue film as a career and moved to New York to attend NYU Tisch School Of The Arts to major in film and television production with a minor in entertainment business. Here, I had incredible experiences that only made me fall more in love with motion picture storytelling. 

My last semester of college was spent at the NYU LA campus in Los Angeles where I was exposed to the industry from its heart. After graduation, I moved back to Atlanta, GA to discover a city that is freshly booming with motion picture creation. 

my work

As a visual artist, I have diversified my portfolio over the years mixing still and moving images to tell stories that are important to me. A passion for camera technology has allowed me to explore the possibilities of this incredibly collaborative art form. 

Working as a director, writer, producer, and a number of other jobs as a film student, I have tried to strengthen my skills in all aspects of the film/tv industry. After graduating from NYU, I hope to utilize my resources and creativity to amplify under heard voices and work towards building a more equitable entertainment industry. 

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